The Critical Thinking Initiative
Online Course – Level 1

The only course that develops and strengthens the brain’s neuro-biological foundations for critical thinking.

93% of CEO’s surveyed agreed that  “critical thinking is more important than a [job] candidate’s major.”

The Critical Thinking Initiative’s online program teaches anyone (13 and up) the core process for critical thinking.  Drawing on the same techniques taught to over a thousand educators across the world, the CTI program empowers participants  to:


Unlike programs that focus on abstract notions of critical thinking, The CTI online program hones in on the our brain’s natural, neuro-biological process for thinking critically.


It’s one thing to learn to think better, but it’s another thing to learn how to articulate that critical thinking, both in speech and writing, when interacting with others.


By tapping in to the brain’s natural, neuro-biological thinking process and applies to everything you or your child does: speaking, reading, writing, teamwork, asking questions, problem solving, idea creation, and more.

93% of CEO’s surveyed agreed that  “critical thinking is more important than a [job] candidate’s major.”

Anyone who completes this program will enjoy a stronger understanding and application of critical thinking that will set them apart from their peers, and lay the groundwork for future success and accolades.

Improved critical thinking skills can benefit everyone!


The Three Essential Mindsets for Critical Thinking

  • The Three Mindsets for Critical Thinking
  • Critical Thinking
  • Put Your Beliefs Aside and Follow the Evidence
  • Smart is Better Than Right
  • Don’t Be a Critic
  • Examining an Essay
  • Post Survey

Learning the Core Process for Critical Thinking

  • The Critical Thinking Initiative’s Core Process
  • Analyze
  • Question
  • Evaluate
  • Complicate
  • Conclude
  • Comparing the Results

Applying the Core Process for Critical Thinking

  • Introduction
  • Summary
  • Claims
  • Critical Question
  • Evaluate
  • Complicate
  • Conclude

Wrap Up

  • Post-Program Questions
  • Evaluation Survey

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Ben Connel • • • U.S. Army

“All of the courses I’ve attended, both in and out of the Army, have stressed the importance to think critically. This is the first time anyone has ever showed me how. As with all of the skills I’ve learned in the course so far, this information is immediate actionable in my personal and professional life.”

Dr. Mark Smith

“My academic and legal experience adds both scholarly and practical critical thinking experience over 40 years. That being said, The Critical Thinking Initiative’s (TCTI) overview, model, and exercises presented something not only new in its conception but in its practical application. Simple yet ultimately profound, my experience today with the TCTI application is like a complicated puzzle suddenly coming together.”

William “Razz” Rasgorshek • • • U.S. Army

“The Critical Thinking Initiative’s work is so forward thinking that it is dangerous … in a good way.”