The Critical Thinking Initiative

Steven J. Pearlman Ph.D.

“(Your Famous quote goes here!)” — Steven J. Pearlman Ph.D.


The Man behind the curtain.

Steven J. Pearlman Ph.D.

Steve founded The Critical Thinking Initiative to fill the gap between advanced academic research on critical thinking and anyone who recognizes the value of exceptional critical thinking skills for themselves or their children. Steve’s journey began over thirty years ago when teaching writing and critical thinking in higher education at elite liberal arts colleges and large state universities. In 2011, Steve founded one of the United States’ first and only departments in higher education specifically focused on teaching critical thinking skills. His work resulted in something exceptionally rare in academia: documented, campus-wide improvements in critical thinking.

Since then, Steve has presented at countless educational institutions, conferences, and businesses about improving critical thinking and related habits of mind. He is frequently found in national and international media, including CBS Atlanta, The Hill, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Connecticut Today, First Coast Connect, The Nation Speaks, and Point of View Radio.

While ever dedicated to helping educators spread the critical thinking message, Steve believes that critical thinking skills are so important that they shouldn’t be confined to academia alone. He therefore founded The Critical Thinking Initiative so that any individual, parent, child, and/or educator could access the kind of critical thinking training that everyone needs.

Read more about the national crisis in critical thinking education in Steve’s book, America’s Critical Thinking Crisis: The Failure and Promise of Education, and join Steve on his podcasts: Critically, We Think and Headagogy (for educators).