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The only course that develops and strengthens the brain’s neuro-biological foundations for critical thinking.

Creating "Solutionaries" with Zoe Weil

The TCI Podcast

We’re excited to welcome Zoe Weil from the Institute for Humane Education. Zoe is the author of The World Becomes What We Teach and is a notable TedX contributor.

Fighting Fake News

The TCI Podcast

A recent article in The New York Times argued that critical thinking is a dangerous “rabbit hole” and isn’t the right tool for fighting “fake news.”

Improving Outcomes When Lecturing Online

The TCI Podcast

Did you know that at any given point during an online lecture, 40% of students’ minds are wandering?

Why Action Bias Leads to Poor Decisions


Objectively speaking, the decision to take an action or not take an action should be unbiased relative to the evidence at hand…

"Thinking is skilled work. It is not true that we are naturally endowed with the ability to think clearly and logically – without learning how, or without practicing."

Alfred Mander, Author — Logic for the Millions, 1947

The Critical Thinking Initiative uses unique, neuro-biological instructional methods based exclusively on peer-reviewed research to transform individuals, corporations, and educational institutions.

The challenge

“Critical thinking” has recently become one of the most sought-after yet elusive concepts in today’s world.  Despite widespread consensus on its importance, most approaches to conceiving or teaching critical thinking fall under what researchers recently called a”dog’s breakfast” of terms like problem solving, divergent thinking, ideating, analyzing, forecasting, decision making, informal logic, information literacy, inductive reasoning, creative thinking, innovation, the scientific method, argumentation, and far too many other terms to list here.  Beleaguered by so many competing, if not overly complex concepts, “critical thinking” will remain elusive.

the solutions

The Critical Thinking Initiative has developed their innovative approach to critical thinking training by bringing together cutting-edge research and best-practices of fields neuroscience, evolutionary biology, cognitive psychology, education, business, and philosophy.

The Critical Thinking Initiative’s methods simplify the learning of critical thinking without simplifying the act of critical thinking, which means that are accessible to everyone yet  dynamic enough to contend with the full complexity of educational, corporate, military, and real-world contexts.

We help people and organizations think better

The Critical Thinking Initiative comprises leading experts in research-based critical thinking education, instruction, and training. 

TCTI offers a full suite of services all aimed at developing and strengthening critical thinking from the classroom to the boardroom. 

Online Training

The only course that develops and strengthens the brain’s neuro-biological foundations for critical thinking.

Online Training


Empower of your personnel with the means of assessing decisions, solutions, and corporate communications



We distill research from education, neuroscience, psychology and other fields into ideas you can put into practice.


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